Dr. Ryan C. Sullivan
Research Scientist I
Kreidenweis Group
Dept. of Atmospheric Science
Colorado State University

1371 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO

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I am a Research Scientist in Prof. Sonia Kreidenweis's research group in Atmospheric Chemistry in Colorado State University's Department of Atmospheric Science. My broad research areas are the complex relationships between air pollution, particulate matter, cloud formation, and climate change. I investigate the chemical and thermodynamic properties of atmospheric aerosol particles, hygroscopicity and ice nucleation in particular.
Specifically I am studying how chemical modification of different atmospheric aerosol particles (e.g. mineral dust, soot, and biological particles such as bacteria and plankton) experienced during transport affect these particle's cloud nucleation properties. This is performed through synergistic laboratory experiments, and ground and aircraft-based in-situ field measurements.
My research currently focuses on the ice nucleation properties of mineral dust, wood smoke combustion (biomass), and biological particles, before and after chemical aging via heterogeneous reactions and gas-to-particle partitioning.

Prior to CSU I completed my Ph.D. Dissertation in Atmospheric Chemistry entitled "Heterogeneous chemistry of atmospheric mineral dust particles and their resulting cloud nucleation properties" with Prof. Kimberly Prather in the University of California, San Diego's Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. I also previously completed undergraduate research in Environmental Chemistry with Profs. Jon Abbatt and Scott Mabury in the Department of Chemistry, and with Prof. Kimberly Strong in the Department of Physics, both at the University of Toronto.

UPDATE: Starting in January 2012 I will begin an Assistant Professor position in the Departments of Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering, and the Center for Atmospheric Particle Studies (CAPS), at Carnegie Mellon University. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in doing graduate or postdoctoral research in CAPS.


research interests

atmospheric aerosol chemistry, heterogeneous chemistry, single-particle analysis, ice nucleation, cloud condensation nuclei, climate change, aerosol-cloud-climate interactions, mass spectrometry, aerosol hygroscopicity & thermodynamics, analytical chemistry, aerosol measurement instrumentation