Links to some group university/agency/public media research coverage

June 2018: Award for analysis of Southern Ocean data

Department highlights the current round of DOE ASR Awards.


May 2018: Scientists race to reveal how surging wildfire smoke is affecting climate and health

Upcoming WE-CAN studies highlighted in nice Science Magazine story by Warren Cornwall.

April 2018: NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Kathryn Moore receives the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, one of two department awardees.

April 2018: CSU Team rides the Southern Ocean

Feature article (Kathryn Moore) on the SOCRATES study.

October 2017: DOE SCGSR Fellowship

Christina McCluskey receives this DOE Office of Science award

May 2017: Atmospheric Science Alumni award for PhD publications

Christina McCluskey receives this prestigious department award.

April 2017: CSU groups share lead on wildfire studies

Emily Fischer leads an article on the studies also supporting our measurements in the WE-CAN summer 2018 studies.

March 2017: NCAR Postdoctoral Fellowship Awarded

Christina McCluskey receives the prestigious NCAR Postdoctoral Fellowship for studies beginning January 2018.

January 2017: NSF fellow chases fires to study clouds

Gregg Schill's research is highlighted in this article.

August 2015: Atmospheric Science ASCENT award

Christina McCluskey receives first ASCENT award for her studies at Mace Head in Ireland.

June 2015: Field and Laboratory Studies of Ice Nucleation

Paul's entire talk presented at the National Academy of Sciences Arthur M Sackler Colloquium "Improving Our Fundamental Understanding of the Role of Aerosol-Cloud Interactions in the Climate System" held at the Beckman Center in Irvine, CA.

September 2014: Life in the Clouds

Our group were among many to be featured in the September release of Bioscience. The article is titled "Life in the Clouds" by Lesley E. Ogden and features some of our recent explorations of biological ice nucleating particles.

December 2014: The Dust Detectives

See Kaitlyn, Paul and colleague Kim Prather featured in the excellent article "The Dust Detectives" by Douglas Fox in the Dec. 22, 2014 edition of High Country News! Doug subsequently received the AGU Walter Sullivan Award for Excellence in Science Journalism in 2015 for this article!

December 2012: Paul DeMott on Ice Nuclei

December 2012 interview by the American Meteorological Society regarding Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society article on the resurging observational research on ice nuclei.

November 2010: NSF report and link to NSF "Clouds, the Wild Card of Climate Change" site

Paul's local press, NSF press, and video interview on role of clouds in climate change, with rogue appearances of Ryan Sullivan and Yutaka Tobo in the background in the lab.