Atmospheric Chemistry Group Meetings

Atmospheric Chemistry Group Meetings are currently held on Mondays at 2:00 pm in the ATS West classroom (Rm. 121). Members of the Collett, Kreidenweis, Fischer, Pierce, and Farmer groups rotate through these weekly presentations. Please see the schedule below for the title of each weekly presentation. If you cannot present on your assigned day, please inform Sam Atwood of any changes so that the online schedule can be updated.

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Summer 2015 (Thursdays 3:30pm-4:30pm ATS 101)

5/21: - open -

5/28: - open -

6/4: Stephen D'Andrea

6/11: - open -

6/18: - open -

6/25: Shantanu Jathar

Spring 2015 (Thursdays 3:30pm-4:30pm ATS 101)

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1/22: - open -

1/29: - open -

2/5: Jack Kodros: "Uncertainties in global aerosols and climate forcings due to biofuel emissions"

2/12: Doug Stolz: "Simultaneous influences of thermodynamics and aerosols on deep convection and lightning"

2/19: John Walker : "Soil-canopy-atmosphere interactions in ammonia air-surface exchange"

2/26: ---No Meeting--- (Main Campus Seminar)

3/5: Shantanu Jathar : "The Influence of Constrained Multi-generational Oxidation on the Mass, Composition and Properties of Secondary Organic Aerosol in the United States"

3/12: Jake Zaragoza : "Observations of acyl peroxylnitrates (PANs) during the Front Range Air Pollution and Photochemistry Experiment (FRAPPE) field campaign


3/26: Emily Bian : "Investigation of particle and vapor wall-loss effects on controlled wood-smoke smog-chamber experiments"

4/2: Greg Wentworth : "Surface-atmosphere exchange of ammonia in the summertime Canadian Arctic marine boundary layer"

4/9: Zitely Tzompa : "Ethane and propane emissions in the U.S. from oil and gas activities"

4/16: ---No Meeting---

4/23: Bonne Hotmann : "Predicting (and assessing) exposure to wildfire smoke"

4/30: Peter Marinescu : "Assessing Aerosol Characteristics and CCN Activation During the MC3E Field Campaign"

5/7: Sam Atwood : "Size-resolved CCN and aerosol properties in the remote marine South China Sea"

5/14: Landan MacDonald : "Emissions from Oil & Gas Sites in Colorado"

Fall 2014 (Mondays 2:00pm-3:00pm ATS West Classroom)

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9/22: - Dept. Meeting - (no group meeting) -

9/29: Ali Boris: "Chemical Analysis of Fog Collected at An Island Site in Southeast Asia"

10/6: Emily Bian: "Study of possible sources for sub-Arctic pollutants at Denali National Park, Alaska"

10/13: Steve D'Andrea: "Aerosol size distribution and radiative response to anthropogenically driven historical changes n biogenic secondary organic aerosol formation"

Ashley Evanoski: "Winter Fine Particle Haze Episodes in the Bakken Oil and Gas Production Region"

10/20: - AAAR conference - (no group meeting) -

10/30: - SPECIAL THURSDAY SEMINAR - 3 pm - Miriam Freedman

11/3: Landan MacDonald: "An Overview of Oil & Gase Emissions and Exposure"

11/10: Brian McDonald: "High-resolution mapping and long-term trends in motor vehicle emissions"

11/17: Kim Sakamoto: "An observational and theoretical investigation of the evolution of biomass-burning size distributions"

11/24: Brad Wells: "The Validation of Emission Rate Estimation Methods"

12/1: Katie Benedict: "Photolysis of Nitrate in Ice: How important is production of nitrite?"

12/8: AAAR: "AAAR Storm Peak Lab Trip 2014: Characterization of ice nucleating particles in snow at Steamboat ski resort "

12/15: - AGU conference - (no group meeting) -

Summer 2014 (Mondays 2:30pm-3:30pm ATS West Classroom)

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5/12: Shunsuke Nakao: "A unified theory of CCN activity and volatility of aged organic aerosol"

5/19: Colin Thackray: "Quantifying parametric uncertainties in the world of global atmospheric PAH modeling"

5/27: ---open--- NOTE: Meeting moved to Tuesday

6/2: Tom Ryerson

6/9: Aohan Tang

6/13: Dave Ridley - NOTE: Additional Friday Meeting

6/16: Xuejun Liu

6/23: Zitely Tzompa

6/30: ---open---

7/7: ---open---

7/14: ---open---

7/21: ---open---

7/28: Annarelli Morales

8/4: ---open---

8/11: ---open---

8/18: ---open---

Spring 2014 (Mondays 2:30pm-3:30pm ATS West Classroom)

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1/20: MLK Day (No Meeting)

1/27: Tammy Thompson: "A Systems Approach to Evaluating Air Quality Co-Benefits of Climate Policy"

2/3: AMS (No Meeting)


2/17: Landan MacDonald: "Measurements and modeling effects of aerosol on marine stratified clouds"


3/3: Alexandra Boris: "How Do Components of Real Cloud Water Affect Aqueous Pyruvate Oxidation?"

3/10: Bonne Hotmann: "Considerations for constraining model PM2.5 estimates with satellite observations"

3/17: Kimiko Sakamoto: "Aged biomass-burning size distributions from BORTAS 2011"

3/24: Robin Stevens: "Nucleation and Growth in Coal-Fired Power-Plant Plumes: Sensitivities and Parameterization"

3/31: Christina McCluskey: "Atmospheric ice nucleating particles emitted from oceans"

4/7: Trey Murschell: "Chamber and Field Campaign a-pinene oxidation measurements using Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry (CIMS)"

4/14: Jake Zaragoza: "Front Range Air Pollution and Photochemistry Experiment (FRAPPE) PO3 Studies"

       Andy Abeleira: "FRAPPE July 15 to August 16 2014: Campaign Background and Farmer Group Role"

4/21: Patrick Brophy: "CIMS Update: From SOAS To FIXCIT and Beyond"

4/28: Liye (Juliet) Zhu: "Constraining ammonia emissions with TES remote sensing observations and GEOS-Chem adjoint model"

5/5: Jack Kodros: "Climate Sensitivities from Biofuel Emissions"

Fall 2013 (Wedensdays 2pm-3pm ATS West Classroom)

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8/28: No Meeting

9/4: Kira Shonkwiler: "Micrometeorology: How We Measure Emissions in the Surface Boundary Layer"

9/11: Chris Cappa: "The influence of chemical mixing and morphology on the heterogeneous oxidation of organic particles"

9/18: Robin Stevens: "Nucleation and Growth in Coal-Fired Power-Plant Plumes: A Parameterization for Global- and Regional-Scale Models."

9/25: Megan Melamed: "Overview of the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) Project" and "The Impact of Megacities on Air Pollution and Climate Change"

10/2: Aaron Pina: "Transport of pollutants from eastern Colorado into the Rocky Mountains via upslope winds"

10/9: Kimiko Sakamoto: "Size distributions of aged biomass-burning aerosol from BORTAS 2011"

10/16: Yi Li: "Spatial and vertical variability of ammonia in northern Colorado, United States"

10/23: Faculty Retreat (No Meeting)

10/30: Andy May: "Biomass burning plume evolution during prescribed burns in South Carolina"

11/6: Barkley Sive (National Park Service): "A lot of fracking gas: Hydrocarbon emissions associated with hydraulic fracturing in northeastern Colorado and southwestern Pennsylvania"

11/13: Stephen D'Andrea, Practice M.S. Defense: "Understanding the global effect of secondary organic aerosol on size distributions in past and present climates"

11/20: Jeff Pierce: "New-particle formation, growth and climate-relevant particle production in Egbert, Canada: Analysis from one year of size-distribution observations"

11/27: --- open ---

12/4: Tom Hill: "ICE, ICE, MAYBE"

12/11: AGU Conference (No Meeting)

Summer 2013 (Wednesdays 11 am-12 pm)

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5/29: Lauren Potter: "Extended Analysis of Aerosols at Mauna Loa Observatory"

6/5: Stephen D'Andrea: "Effect of secondary organic aerosol condensational behavior and amount on global aerosol size distributions"

6/12: Amy Sullivan: "Airborne-Based Smoke Marker Ratios from Prescribed Burning"

6/19: ICNAA Dry Run Presentations/Posters (Jeff, Shun, et al.)

6/26: No Meeting (ICNAA)

7/3: Misha Schurman: "Aqueous SOA Formation in Ambient Cloud Samples: Lab Bulk Photo-oxidations + Pinonic Acid and Methylglyoxal Experiments"

7/10: Anne Monod: "Multiphase organic photochemistry in the atmosphere" (Location: CIRA Director's Conference Room)

7/17: Annareli Morales: "Sensitivity of a simulated deep convective storm to WRF microphysical schemes and horizontal resolution" & Zitely Tzompa: "Contribution of Wildfires to carbonaceous aerosols in Mexico City"

7/24: Jenny Hand: "PM across the US- Recent results from the IMPROVE and CSN networks"

7/31: Brad Wells: "Preliminary Efforts on Characterizing Air Emissions From Natural Gas Drilling in Garfield County" (Location: CIRA Director's Conference Room')

8/7: No Meeting

8/14: Ezra Levin

Spring 2013 (Fridays 2-3 pm)

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1/25: Arsineh Hecobian, "Results from the characterization and field deployment of an Aerosol Spot Sampler (And a brief overview of future studies)"

2/1: Bonne Hotmann, "Reconciling surface and satellite observations in the Southeastern United States"

2/8: Ania Jaruga *Guest Speaker*, Institute of Geophysics, University of Warsaw, Poland: "Particle-based simulations as a tool for studying aerosol-cloud-aerosol interactions"

2/14: *DEPT COLLOQUIUM Thursday, 3:30 PM* Prof. Dan Jaffe, University of Washington

2/15: Lauren Potter *Practice M.S. Defense*, "Characterizing the Influence of Anthropogenic Emissions and Transport Variability on Sulfate Aerosol at Mauna Loa Observatory"

2/22: Jeff Pierce, "Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering: a textbook example of aerosol-microphysics processes"

3/1: Andrea Clements, "Characterization and source apportionment of coarse and fine particulate matter in the desert Southwest"

3/8: Jim Smith, "Recent insights into the chemical composition and spatial distribution of atmospheric nanoparticles"

3/15: Steve Arnold, "Biomass burning impacts on Arctic tropospheric ozone: uncertainties and sensitivities"

3/22: NO MEETING (Spring Break)

3/29: Yutaka Tobo, "Temperature dependence of the relation between ice nuclei (IN) and primary biological aerosol particles (PBAPs) at a forested site in Colorado" & Christina McCluskey, "The production and characteristics of ice nuclei from biomass burning in the US"

4/5: Nicole Riemer, "Understanding black carbon climate impacts using a stochastic particle-resolved model"


4/19: Emily Bian, "Study of visibility degradation over the Pearl River Delta Region: Source apportionment and impact of chemical characteristics"

4/26: Misha Schurman, "PM1 Composition and Sources in Grand Teton National Park"

5/3: Shunsuke Nakao, "A new experimental approach toward cloud nucleating activities of haze particles"

5/10: Tony & Ashley, "Theodore Roosevelt National Park Air Quality Study: Preliminary Results""

Fall 2012 (Fridays 1-2 pm)

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8/31: Shun Nakao: "Chemical and Physical Investigation of Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation"

9/7: Yury Desyaterik: "Markers of Secondary Organic Aerosols from Biomass Burning"

9/13: * DEPT COLLOQUIUM Thursday, 3:30 PM* Prof. Dan Jaffe, University of Washington: "The challenge of tropospheric ozone in the western US"


9/18: *SPECIAL SEMINAR Tuesday, 10:30 AM* Prof. Ben Murray, Univ of Leeds: "Heterogeneous ice nucleation by atmospheric mineral dusts"

9/21: Ashley Evanoski-Cole: "Using microchip electrophoresis for real-time aerosol composition measurements: Field study results from San Gorgonio Wilderness, California"

9/26: * CHEMISTRY DEPT SEMINAR, Wednesday* Prof. Jason Surratt, Univ of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

9/28: Kira Shonkweiler and Joshua (JJ) Stratton

10/5: Young Scientist Symposium on Atmospheric Research: click here for info

10/12: NO MEETING (AAAR Meeting)

10/19: Ali Boris: "Reactions in Cloud Water: Looking for Aqueous Secondary Organic Aerosol, Potential Precursors, and Mechanisms"

10/26: Yi Li: "Measurements of gaseous NH3 and HNO3 and particulate ions collected over 5 years in the Upper Green River Basin, Wyoming"

11/2: NO MEETING (Faculty Retreat)

11/9: Taehyoung Lee: "Characterization of aerosol in the North Pacific marine boundary layer using a High Resolution Time of Flight Aerosol Mass Spectrometer"

11/16: Maria Val Martin: "A multi-satellite and modeling analysis on U.S. wildfires"

11/23: NO MEETING (Thanksgiving Holiday)

11/30: Christina McCluskey: "The production and characteristics of ice nuclei from biomass burning in the US"

12/7: NO MEETING (AGU Meeting)

Spring 2012 (Fridays 1-2 pm)

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1/27: Fort Jackson Prescribed Burn Study Team (Sonia, Amy, Taehyoung, Gavin)
2/3: Taehyoung Lee: "Characterization of Aerosol Sources and Species at Baeng-Yeong Island, Korea, with a High Resolution Time of Flight Aerosol Mass Spectrometer"
2/10: Elvin Garcia: "Biological particles and their potential role as ice nuclei in the atmosphere"
2/17: James Carpenter: "Modeling persistent mixed-phase arctic clouds"
3/2: Gavin McMeeking: "The impact of mixing state on black carbon aerosol physical properties"
3/9: Katie Benedict: "Observations of atmospheric nitrogen and nitrogen deposition in Grand Teton National Park"
3/16: Spring Break
3/26: *SPECIAL SEMINAR* Julie Fry (Reed College)
4/6: Alexandra Boris: "Closing the Gap: Composition Studies of Secondary Organic Aerosol"
4/13: Misha Schurman: "Rocky Mountain National Park 2010 and Grand Teton National Park 2011 HR-ToF-AMS Aerosol Composition Observations"
4/20: Delphine Farmer / Farmer students
4/27: Ezra Levin:
5/4: Yutaka Tobo

Fall 2011 (Fridays 1-2 pm)

9/2: Paul DeMott: "Insights into the roles of different aerosol types as ice nuclei"
9/9: NO MEETING (New Student Welcome Picnic)
9/16: Yury Desyaterik: "Speciation of "Brown" Carbon in Biomass Burning Aerosols"
9/23: NO MEETING (AAAR student conference)
9/30: Tony Prenni: "Preliminary results from BEACHON-RoMBAS and GrandTReNDS"
10/7: NO MEETING (AAAR Meeting)
10/14: Sam Atwood
10/21: NO MEETING (Faculty Retreat)
10/28: Bonne Ford
11/4: Maria val Martin
11/11: Ryan Sullivan
11/18: Cheol-Hee Kim, "A numerical study on indicators of long-range transport potential for anthropogenic particulates over Northeast Asia"
11/25: NO MEETING (Thanksgiving)
12/2: Luke Schiferl / Ashley Berg
12/9: Lauren Potter

Spring 2011 (Fridays 1-2pm)

1/21: Ryan Sullivan (practice talk) "Heterogeneous Chemistry of Individual Mineral Dust Particles and Their Resulting Cloud Nucleation Properties"
1/28: Yele Sun "A Further Look at Cloud Chemistry at Mountain Tai in Central East China"
2/4: Maria Val Martin "Fire Smoke Injection Heights over North America: A View from Satellite Observations and Models"
2/11: Taehyoung Lee: "Characterizing smoke properties from biomass combustion using a High Resolution Time of Flight Aerosol Mass Spectrometer"
2/18: NO MEETING (Faculty Retreat)
2/25: Ashley Evanoski: "Using microchip capillary electrophoresis in aerosol composition measurements"
3/4: Gavin McMeeking: "One if by land and two if by sea: An invasion of British aerosol science"
3/18: NO MEETING (Spring Break)
3/25: Katie Beem
4/1: Amy Sullivan: "Comparison of Smoke Marker Ratios from Controlled Laboratory Burns vs. Prescribed Burns and Wildfires"
4/8: Paul DeMott: "Fire and Ice Revisited: New Results on Ice Nuclei Sources from Biomass Combustion"
4/15: Derek Straub: "Radiation fog chemistry in central Pennsylvania"
4/22: Doris Chen: "Atmospheric NHx monitoring: a pilot study at selected IMPROVE sites"
4/29: Misha Schurman: "Rocky Mountain National Park 2010 HR-ToF-AMS Aerosol Composition Observations"
5/6: Ezra Levin: "An annual cycle of size-resolved aerosol hygroscopicity at a forested site in Colorado"
5/13: Kateryna Lapina: "Using the GEOS-Chem model, satellite AOD and in-situ observations of aerosol composition to investigate aerosol loading and trends

Fall 2010

9/3: Kelley Wells: "Single-scattering albedo retrievals over North Africa using critical reflectance"
9/10: NO MEETING (New Student Picnic)
9/17: Dave Ridley: "Long-range transport of African dust to the Amazon: a multi-sensor approach to constraining GEOS-Chem"
9/24: Mandy Holden: "Analysis of Fresh and Aged Aerosols Produced by Biomass Combustion" (Special Location: ATS 101)
10/1: Special Seminar: Beth Holland (NCAR): "Understanding the Nitrogen Cycle in the Earth System"
10/8: NO MEETING (Faculty Retreat)
10/15: Yury Desyaterik: "Organic Nitrogen and Sulfur in Rocky Mountain Aerosol"
10/22: Bonne Ford: "The Vertical Distribution of Pollutants during Export and Long Range Transport: A Comparison of Model Simulations and Satellite Observations"
11/5: Xinhua Shen: "Aqueous Phase Sulfate Production in Clouds at Mt. Tai in Eastern China"
11/12: Steve Brown (Note special time: 11am-noon): "Variations in Carbonaceous Aerosol Next to a Freeway in Las Vegas, Nevada"
11/19: Sam Atwood: "Analysis of Aerosol Backtrajectories and Source Attribution for Baghdad, Iraq"
11/26: NO MEETING (Thanksgiving)
12/3: NO MEETING (AAAR student presentations)

Spring 2010

1/22: Doris Chen, "A Chamber Study of Secondary Organic Aerosol from Ozonolysis of Biogenic VOCs" (note special location: ATS 101)
1/29: Tony Prenni
2/5: Leigh Munchak, "Validation of the sulfur cycle parameterization in GEOS-Che m in North America"
2/12: Group meeting CANCELED
2/19: Taehyoung Lee, "Aerosol Mass Spectrometry measurements from Biomass Burnin g Aerosols (FLAME2 and 3) and Biofuel emissions" (note special location: ATS 101 )
2/26: NO MEETING (Faculty Retreat)
3/5: Kateryna Lapina, "Investigating aerosol optical depth in the oceanic region s using satellite data and GEOS-Chem"
3/12: Paul DeMott
3/19: NO MEETING (Spring Break)
3/26: Amy Sullivan, "Application of an Alternative Method for Measuring Carbohyd rates in Routine Daily Filter Samples Collected by a National Network"
4/2: Katie Beem, "Cloud water composition over the southeastern Pacific"
4/9: Ryan Sullivan, "Irreversible loss of ice nucleation surface sites in minera l dust particles induced by acid condensation"
4/16: Misha Schurman, "Using the AMS in the Context of ROMANS"
4/23: Kip Carrico (NOTE: special time @ noon), "Annual Cycle in Atmospheric Nitr ogen Species at Rocky Mountain National Park"
4/30: Mandy Holden, CANCELLED
5/7: Ezra Levin, "CCN measurements during BEACHON"

Fall 2009

9/11: Organization Meeting (pizza!)
9/25: Dave Ridley, "Simulating aerosol properties with a size-resolving global model of aerosol processes (GLOMAP)"
10/2: NO MEETING (faculty retreat)
10/9: Cancelled: Sue van den Heever & Rachel Storer
10/16: Steve Brown, "Analysis of near-roadway HR-ToF-AMS data in Las Vegas, Nevada" (NOTE: special start time at 1:30pm)
10/23: Yury Desyaterik, "Organic Nitrogen in Aerosol Samples from Biomass Burning"
11/6: Kelley Wells, "MODIS retrieval of aerosol absorption over North Africa"
11/20: Xinhua Shen, "Aqueous Phase Sulfate Production in Clouds at Mt. Tai in Eastern China"
11/27: NO MEETING (Thanksgiving)
12/4: Bonne Ford, "Export and Long Range Transport of Pollutants"
12/11: Colette Heald, "A simplified description of organic aerosol composition"