19th International Conference on
Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols

24-28 June 2013
Fort Collins, CO

University Center for the Arts, Colorado State University

Abstract Deadline Has Passed

** Preliminary Program Now Available **

The 19th International Conference on Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols, joint with the Nucleation Symposium, will be held in Fort Collins, Colorado, on 24-28 June 2013. The Conference is sponsored by the International Union on Geophysics & Geodesy (IUGG); the International Association on Meteorology & Atmospheric Science (IAMAS); the International Commission on Clouds & Precipitation (ICCP); the Committee on Nucleation & Atmospheric Aerosols (CNAA); and Colorado State University, Department of Atmospheric Science, also hosts of the event. Information on sponsorship opportunities can be found here.

The Conference will emphasize four major themes:

  1. Nucleation Theory & Experiment
    Studies of homogeneous, heterogeneous and ion induced nucleation including single or multicomponent system cluster formation and properties, condensation and evaporation, experimental, theoretical and computational investigations.

  2. Tropospheric & Stratospheric Aerosols
    Fundamental atmospheric aerosol processes, especially related to global warming, air quality and multi-phase chemistry. Studies of aerosol concentrations, distributions, variability and trends. Focus on composition, hygroscopicity, thermodynamics, phase change, physico-chemical and optical properties.

  3. Cloud Drop and Ice Nucleation
    Fundamental processes related to droplet and ice-crystal activation, growth, cloud condensation nuclei and ice nuclei origin, composition, spatial and temporal distributions and loadings, experimental and theoretical studies.

  4. Aerosol-Climate Interactions
    Direct and indirect effects of atmospheric aerosols on radiative forcing, hydrological cycle and climate, remote sensing and regional to global scale climate modeling of aerosol impacts and feedbacks.

This year's Conference also hosts a Special Session on:

CLOUD (Cosmics Leaving OUtdoor Droplets)
CERN Facility experiments and related studies on new particle formation.

The Conference will feature invited speakers and contributed papers, with two late afternoon poster sessions.


Posters can be set up starting during the registration period on Sunday (beginning at 3 pm). Sunday is an informal viewing time. Posters should be set up at the latest on Monday morning prior to the start of sessions (8 am), and will be presented in two sessions, Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. The space on the poster boards to be shared by adjacent posters is 8 feet by 4 feet. Therefore, each individual poster MUST FIT ENTIRELY within a 4x4 foot space.

 Stay tuned for information on upload of oral presentations

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